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Stitch yourself together! 

Silk, sterling silver, copper, latex, iron wire

variable dimensions



The starting point of the series was the meaning of the word Alien. In the last few years I lived in many places and each time I had to start from scratch. Knowing a new space, getting acclimated and then changing again. I filled piles and piles of documents in order to bureaucratically fit in an unfamiliar environment. The subject of those was addressed as an Alien. That triggered all sorts of inner reactions, making me wonder, from my little
almost insignificant experience, what actually Alien and alienation mean. Those are two problematic aspects of our culture. Problematic isn't necessarily negative, but it’s something to reflect upon. I have always been attracted by the uncanny and the exposure of our diversities and weak
points. While traveling around I finally understood that in a way or another we all can play the alien role. An alien is not just frightening, foreign, unfamiliar; but it also has an exotic sense of wonder, it is a creature from another world. So I will change my previous sentence: “in a way or another we all can be a creature from another world”.
Elaborating on these thoughts I tracked down two main enquiries: highlighting the weirdness or fragility; and the connection and boundary between the self and the other. With that purpose in mind I chose the stitch and the suture as aesthetic tools. I made and submitted a questionnaire to several people, in order to create a personalized, rather strange kit. Questions were very simple but in most cases created quite uncomfortable reactions; which was interesting for my case study. I selected four subjects: Anja, Gabriela, Sana and Selina. Alternative silk medical bandages,  
hooks, needles, medical tools are the alphabet of the pieces presented. That is how I read them, starting from my personal experience and their answers to the test. But the pieces are playful, and in the hands of the person they are created for, they can change meaning or final destination.



Manifesto : ‘Stitch yourself together!’


It is very complicated to define ourselves, we’ve been called strangers, weirdos, we are considered frightening, uncanny, freaks.....and blablabla... but I have the feeling we have been misunderstood.
I cannot really cope with the fact that nobody sees the power of innovation that lies within us. I know, I know, our methodology has been quite extreme, exposing our fragilities so publicly but, seriously, try! Peel your layers of knowledge, shed your skin, be eccentric with us! Unleash your alien self! What do you expect? What can happen? Unravel your boundaries and you might discover yourself as Fickle, smart, sassy, BREATHTAKING, obsessive, ugly, sharp.....anyway.. The thing is, since we were born (or defined as you prefer) we have always felt the urgence to reach a deep contact with the environment we were dwelling in, and that might bring a deep change, sometimes that seems not sustainable or scary. But we do change all the time, we are blurry, our epithelial cells have such a short life, we are never wearing the same costume twice, even if it appears so. I will offer you tools of disorientation, lose yourself iin wonderland, try to get to know your inner maps to reach the border with the otherness. Use your body as a stage where you can test and play your characters. We have so many different identities that adapt with the organism we are living in. Embrace fluidity, change
perspective, mutate and stitch yourself together!

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