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In the last few years I lived in many places and each time I had to start from scratch. Knowing a new space, getting acclimated and then changing again. What seemed to be a never ending challenge became the strongest nourishment of my work. This perpetual measuring myself in a new habitat, brought me to the concept of ecdysis.  I focus on what we leave behind, and what traces of the environment are scarified on our skin. As reptiles and insects we abandon our remnants, our shed tissue, and even the space we dwell in has its own, bearer of layers of memories and experiences. A deep relationship

links body and space, and the artwork is an efflorescence of this ancestral bond. The skin is the threshold where the conflict with reality takes place, creating the aesthetic experience through concretions that originate from the body and are left behind as its evidence.

The continuous reference to textile is not coincidental. As the fabric is composed by a warp and weft, so is our experience of reality, one plane identified by two threads, time and space, establishing a narrative that we only acknowledge by fragments. Therefore, the flesh of our experience materialises itself in artwork as a fragment. I analyse each space I inhabit, as if it were a living creature, willing to reach the borderline where the world’s fabric encounters my own.


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