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3D modeling

AR filters (instagram @giulialanzastudio)





The series of digital filters Exuviae has been presented as work for the online exhibition Let’s get digital (MJW 2021), featuring students from EKA Jewellery Department

and LCF-UAL Jewellery.

The project Exuviae was born as a natural development of my physical objects. The aim was to investigate a possible connection with the properties of digital matter. The

masks materialized result haptic and elegant. Freely inspired by natural forms, they

appear as organic prosthetics that recall an ephemeral baroque.


The exuviae is the cast-off outer skin of an

arthropod during the ecdysis process; the shed tissues become ornament and protection, delineating the existence of an alternative human creature. Sounds from another planet, see through and grayish colours, act as a

metamorphic agent, transforming the user into an otherworldly being.

Schermata 2021-02-04 alle 12.21.21.png
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