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natural fibers, copper, silver

variable dimensions



Tegmen is the scientific term that defines a thin layer of derma, an inner membrane that usually has a protective function.


This is an ongoing research that investigates the notion of ‘exoskeleton’.  

It’s a slow process of carving and building delicate shapes out of vegetable fibers; in some case they've been casted into precious metals. The final pieces are fragile prosthesis that cover and are strongly linked to human body.


The sculpting technique, which by definition implies a subtractive action, shines a light upon something deeply hidden; that is the inner structure of the matter itself. The object's surface mirrors ancient lace textures. But since the material is organic, quite similar to bones sponge tissue, the sculptures don’t have the repetitive and functional geometry of traditional patterns.


The exoskeleton becomes the endoskeleton and vice versa, what is inside is used as protection, creating an interconnection between human being and natural elements.







Critical text Istologia di un volume vuoto by Vincenzo Argentieri- Giulia Lanza solo show L'uomo è l'unico animale in grado di arrossire SpazioSerra







ph © Giulia Lanza


ph © Cristiano Rizzo : exhibition L'uomo è l'unico animale in grado di arrossire 

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